Ultimate Block Party is mine, finally

I want to personally thank "dojosky" from the Digital Press forums for sending Ultimate Block Party. I have to admit, buying things from people you do not know feels a lot better when it is from a forum you visit every day.

You may recall I got screwed over on eBay on this item a little while ago. But now I have the game, and I love it. It is a great puzzler for the PSP.

The power-ups in multiplayer present so many ingenious ways to screw over your opponent. The box says it is like Tetris. It is more Puzzle Fighter than Tetris, but if I had to compare it to other puzzlers I would say it is a Tetris Attack-Puzzle Fighter hybrid.

I highly recommend this title for puzzle fans. You should be able to find it (if you can find it) for $20 or less right now. I payed $20 for it, and would have payed full price if I could have gotten my hands on it.

As a side note, I tried getting a review copy from publisher Conspiracy Entertainment. When I called and asked for their PR department, I was told they do not have one. The person I talked to told me he would call me back (yes, call me) about getting a review unit for Blogcritics. I gave up on that before I ended the phone call -- they are a really small publisher.

Incidentally, emailing them resulted in a mail error from the post master account of their domain. Maybe that is the reason for the phone call that I never got.

At any rate, you should read Juganawt's review of the EU game, Koloomn.

I wish Crave would have kept the game and not sold it, it may have seen a bigger run and more publicity. It is a real shame, because the game has personality and solid game play.

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Ah. I thought that game was crap since I never saw any reviews or anything. Gonna get it tomorrow :-)

"It is more Puzzle Fighter"



Bought it. It's no Lumines or Tetris, but it's better than most. Takes a bit of time to adjust to the gameplay. What I found interesting (although after having played it for a few hours at most) is that the difficulty is pretty flat at the beginning and then suddenly seems to increase exponentially.

Probably not worth full price, but definitely worth 20 bucks.


Two quick notes:

  1. It's a lot more addicting than I thought at first.
  2. My version doesn't auto-save, which is extremely, extremely annoying. I've been playing it since I got it, never turning the PSP off. I got tons of highscores. Put in Lumines today, figured out that I didn't find it as exciting as Ultimate Block Party anymore (to my own surprise), put in Ultimate Block Party again, and all of my highscores were gone. GAH!!!

Just picked this up at the Toys R Us clearance. WOW. This is one hell of a puzzle title. The presentation is GREAT. I haven't even made it into most of the modes yet. I've been sitting here just doing a marathon. Can't stop playing this one, even with Meteos and Puyo Pop for the DS sitting here.

(evil maniacal laugh) My work here is done.

May you forever be banished to a dark corner of hell to continously design Geocities websites on a Windows 2000 PC for telling me about this game.


Ok, it's the first puzzler I've played that has that Puzzle Figher hook. There's a problem with that though, and it's worse than it is in Puzzle Fighter: Single player is crap. Pure, pointless, crap. The only unlockable is given to me after I complete training? Huh?

I spent three god damn hours beating the arcade mode on hard with a Nacho Libre reject and I don't get shit for it?? Come on people!

The one thing it has going for it is that it has a marathon mode. That was the only glaring omission in Puzzle Fighter, though it never would have worked due to the mechanics of that one. For some odd reason, I'm mesmerized by the animation too. I have no idea why, but it's so fluid, you can't stop watching it.

That said, if you can find one of the three people in the world who own this, the "I kicked your ass after you thought you kicked mine" aspect from PF is here in full.

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