Apple Pays $100 Million to End Dispute With Creative

Apple Computer Inc. will pay Creative Technology Ltd. $100 million to end lawsuits over technology needed to navigate through songs on Apple's popular iPod music player. Creative's shares soared.
Source: Bloomberg

Anyone watching this unfold had to know that Apple would be paying Creative in the long run. But look at it this way, now with Creative joining the "Made for iPod" program, they can make products for MP3 players that people might actually want to buy!

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This whole software patent bullshit (and this patent in particular) is just insane. I wish Apple had fought it.

I hear ya. But Apple did fight this, with three counter suits.


Yeah, but they've pretty much given up, probably as soon as they figured out that the lawyers would cost more than the settlement. Despite the fact that this patent is so obvious.

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