August '06 Xbox 360 Back Compat Update

You might have read our series on the Back Compat debate, and I feel this is another step in the right direction. Backwards compatibility of Xbox games is very important. Major Nelson has the list of new and updated games.

Of note are Sid Meier's Pirates. This is a game that I sold to pay for my Xbox 360. I will go and buy it back now that it will work on my 360. This is a title that I have completed 100% of the optional quests on, but I will play again now that it works on my 360.

Burnout 3: Takedown and Namco Museum 50th Anniversary Arcade Collection are also nice additions. Lego Star Wars II, and a couple other new or soon-to-be-released titles are also on this list. This is a very smart move by Microsoft.

Still no Psychonauts, but the list is growing at a good pace. With 267 original Xbox titles, Microsoft is well on their way to their goal. The August '06 update added 39 more titles, and updated compatibility for nine others.

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I hereby solemnly pledge to buy an Xbox 360 as soon as they support Psychonauts. Get it done, guys!

(I reserve to withdraw this pledge should there be any new Xbox Live games which allow users to buy weapons or upgrades which they can use during multiplayer games.)

Microsoft has done a lot of cool stuff with the Xbox, and I was so close to getting one, only to read something stupid or disappointing which totally put me off the Xbox again several times.

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