Back from ECGXpo 2006

Last night we got back from our trip to Reading, PA. Let me just say that that town has some messed up streets. The hotel, and subsequently the expo, was a bitch to find.

But I had fun, and got a bunch of stuff I have been looking to get. I didn't pick up anything retro, as I spent all my money on imports and funding my friend's loot too. Note to self: don't forget about loan to Christina.


Castlevania "WMD" shirt
Resident Evil "Umbrella Corporation" shirt
ECGXpo '06 shirt
ECGXpo '06 poster (10 of 24)
ECGXpo '06 hot sauce (16 of 24)
Donkey Konga 1+2 Bundle Pack
NEO GEO Battle Coliseum
Jump Super Stars
Bleach DS
Osu! Tatake! Ouenden!
Mawashite Koron
Naruto 4
Confessions of the Game Doctor (autographed)

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I like the shirts, especially the Umbrella Corp one. But they're all cool. Tokobot? Doesn't that suck? Oh, and isn't there a third Donkey Konga game in Japane? I hope Nintendo releases that over here, too.

You should get the third one, the Japanese one -- you lose all the great music in translation. I just picked it up for a fair price on eBay. It is sold out at Play-Asia, it has been for some time.

And no, Tokobot does not suck.

Tokobot does not suck.

It doesn't? Hm... It got 50% from Gamespy, 71% average on Gamerankings...?

I need to find out whether I can play Donkey Konga 3 with my First-Gen Freeloader.

I never go by those sites. I look at them, sure, but they have proven to be way off many times.

It is a platformer, I love platformers. It is not a rehash of an old/existing franchise on the PSP, I love new IPs on the PSP.

It has unique platforming elements, it is a little short. But I got a great price on it, well worth it.

It has unique platforming elements, it is a little short. But I got a great price on it, well worth it.

I've seen it for pretty cheap, and my girlfriend actually noted that it looked cute, but I haven't yet bought it because of the bad reviews... Maybe I'll buy a copy if I see a cheap one.

It doesn't cost a thing to watch the video review over at Gamespot. They have a fairly positive review for it, and do note the game's weak points.

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