Blogcritics RSS Headlines Added; Other Additions

As I promised in June, RSS headlines have been added to Breaking Windows. Sure, it took me two months, but these have been busy months.

This was also due to finding the scripts to add the Blogcritics headlines to the site (not to mention finding ones that were not a chore to use). I was about to ask Sussman, as he lists his BC headlines on Futon Report, but along came across a nice piece of software for Dreamweaver called RSS Replay by RNSoft.

If you click on the heading to our RSS feeds, you will be taken to our BC writer pages.

I have set the RSS feeds to not cache, so the home page will take a little longer to load now (this depends on what browser you use -- Opera 9 doesn't flinch quite as bad as others), but will mean that any new Blogcritics headlines will be reflected here right away. RSS Replay uses AJAX, and should work in your browser.

This does not supersede the posting of BC headlines every week, this is just in addition to them.

In a related note, I will have a review of this product up soon. I have been in communication with the developer, Ron Northrip, as I found a small bug while testing out the product. It is great when a developer listens to your suggestions.

Version 1.0.1 was just posted, so I am looking forward to testing that one out. There was an error with rendering older RSS feeds. Ron sent an updated JavaScript file, and it cleared up that problem. That is one of the things included in the 1.0.1 update.

I just tried 1.0.1, and the Sources window has been redesigned to work better, which is a big improvement. I will have a review up shortly.

Yes, even more advertising. I use it to offset the cost of hosting, which it almost completely fails at. But every penny helps.

It is worth noting that it has been two months since we stopped double posting our Blogcritics articles here at Breaking Windows. The BW RSS feed subscriptions, email subscriptions, and unique visitor stats have not gone down one bit. I am a bit surprised by that.

I have have a Basecamp affiliate set up. So if you want to sign up for Basecamp, my favorite project management app (no, I use it every day extensively) be sure and sign up by clicking the Basecamp tile, or use the Referrer code "meancodemedia."

You may see other advertising pop up here and there, if I ever get to it. You should know that this is only because I wish to take over the world.

What is left?
You may have noticed the "beta" version number in the site banner. I have been adding features slowly but surely since January, when I originally set out to update Breaking Windows. You can check the Site News section to see what all has changed.

Just for a reference (for me, really) I need to fix up the ugly looking search results page, actually add the site's Accessibility Statement that I have had written for well over a year now, and the site archives page still needs work. Then I think I will be done with the site updating.

Web Metrics
The last time I looked at the stats for BW was in December. At that time, we were averaging 2,000 unique a day. Right now, we are closer to 3,000 a day, with many days hovering around 4,000. Why? If I knew, I would be rich.

But I just want to say thanks to all of our readers.

Comments (2)

Ok Ken having the recent comments in the article flow was one thing. But the RSS is eating up way too much space.

Aside from the fact that it looks bad asthetically, it takes a little too long to get to the next post.

You might want to try moving it to the bottom or revamping you're sidebar and sticking it in there.

You have a scroll wheel, right? I like it where it is, but I can put in an achor, for better navigation.

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