Developers cope with Leopard adopting similar features

And there’s nothing as terrifying for those same developers as waiting to see if those new features do similar things to the software they’re already selling.
Source: MacCentral

We all know what happened to Watson and Konfabulator, and countless others. They get gulped up into Mac OS X. This year's great shareware that just got a lot more useless include: SuperDuper, ChatFX, VirtualDesktop Pro, Quicksilver, Pulp Fiction, Mail2iCalToDo, Searchlight, and others I am not familiar with.

There are some other good articles on this same subject, Apple’s Research & Rip-off department and 7 Apps on Leopard’s Hit List.

On one hand, this shareware gets expensive, and they usually conflict with each other or the operating system. When Apple incorporates this software into OS X, it works as it should, usually better with more features than the shareware, and it is one price, not 15 different shareware bills.

It also forces shareware developers to one-up Apple when a feature from their shareware gets eaten by Apple. This is good for the community, very good.

The other side of course is that a loyal Apple shareware developer is out a substantial source of income. It sucks, but you know what? That is how products progress. In any industry.

I just hope that Path Finder doesn't get eaten by Apple. Sadly, I have been waiting for it to happen though.

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I just hope that Path Finder doesn't get eaten by Apple

You hope that Apple doesn't improve the Finder? Let's face it, PathFinder is an ugly, convoluted mess with useless features coming out of its ears, while the Finder is simply not up to the standard of pre-OS X versions of itself. Apple needs to fix the Finder, and if that kills PathFinder, good riddance.

Ken Edwards:

I feel quite differently about Path Finder than you do, it seems. Have you tried Path Finder 4.1.1? It works great, and has a lot of features I would like to see in the Finder.

Of course I will admit, I have contributed to the UI, as well as a number of features.


Two points: First, it's not really a question of "feeling." one only needs to look at a screenshot to figure out that they won't ever win an Apple Design Award. Regardless of whether it's better than the finder: It is an ugly, convoluted mess.

Second, my point remains. Why would you want Apple to not make the Finder better? Only so Cocoatech can keep its business model? Wouldn't it be better if Apple actually made a Finder that soundly beats Path Finder in every aspect?

That wasn't exactly my point. But I do agree. It would be nice if Apple "'actually made a Finder that soundly beats Path Finder in every aspect."

But until then, I will continue to use Path Finder. By the way Path Finder 4.5 is out.

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