I signed up for GamesnFlix on the 8th. Two days later I got my first three selections. It costs $16.99, and I love it for being able to rent games and movies.

I rented V for Vendetta, Munich and Stacked for the Xbox. You should watch V for Vendetta -- great movie. I need to review Stacked, because I sent a review copy out, and never received a review in return -- not a good thing.

I sent the two movies back and today got Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel and Chibi-Robo.

Wonderful service so far. They have a warehouse in PA, and I get stuff in a day or two.

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I highly recommend for online video game rentals. With their fast service, great games, superior shipping times, and excellent selection, you'll love your time with *

*This advertisement was not endorsed, sponsored, or paid for by I simply do what I feel needs to be done. Oh, and I highly recommend Now about that free month...

Yes, well, Into The Game costs $24.95 for three rentals a month, and has no movies.

But GamesnFlix doesn't have DS games. It is a trade off I am willing to take.

And at $13.95 for one rental a month at Into The Game, I might as well just buy a DS game a month.

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