Jack Thompson on Attack of the Show

I don't like Attack of the Show, I don't even like G4TV. Those (bleep) (bleep) destroyed TechTV. Luckily, we have YouTube, and you can watch the latest in the JT saga for free.

I would say that Sessler did a great job at yelling at Jack. I would say Jack did a great job of contributing absolutely nothing relevant to the discussion at hand. Nor did he have any new "facts" to give us. To be honest, I was disappointed in his performance.

The opening poll showing 91% of viewers saying that violent video games don't cause real world violence was quite telling. It is a shame that Mark Friedler from GameDaily was squeezed in between Sessler and Thompson, because he was almost completely drowned out.

Oh, on a related note, I got an email from JT in response to an article I did not write, Matt wrote it, on the fact that Bully might get a Teen rating.

Oddly this email did not come to my Blogcritics email -- he sent it to my Meancode account, which I do not even publish. Even more oddly, JT included Matt's article in a press release sent to the ESRB.

I may go into details at a later date.

Comments (2)

Can't wait to hear it.

Ken Edwards:

After thinking about it. I won't be going into details. I will just say that we have exchanged a number of emails, and I get stereotypical JT responses. Odd that he keeps it up, but I guess it is his profession to argue like that.

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