Microsoft Xbox 360 Headset Sucks

There is one person out there that I know will agree with me on this one, without hesitation. Matt, who has gone through four of these things, has really been screwed over with the 360's headset.

Today mine broke. I went to put it on and it fell apart at the point where it swivels. So mine lasted 10 months. A far better average than Matt for sure, but still, that is horrible. I take very good care of my headset, especially after enduring the stories of Matt's malfunctioning ones.

So right now I am using my AX360 for voice. I am not about to buy another wired headset. I will wait until the wireless headset comes out and hope to God that for $60 that it is not a piece of shit.

At least I did not have to go through the fiasco with Microsoft Support that Matt did with all his headset/controller issues. Knock on wood.

I am not even going to call Microsoft support. I am sure they would tell me that I was mishandling my headset, and that is why it fell apart.

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Actually ken you're going to get one with your Vision camera anyways.

That is true, I forgot about that. I will wait until the Vision Camera comes out then.

I forgot to mention in my rant about the broken headsets, the amount of drop-outs Matt and I have had have been horrible. Sometimes even worse that Verizon Wireless ;)

I hope the voice on XBL gets better.

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