MTVU Buys College Publisher Parent Y2M

MTVU, an MTV Networks-owned channel geared toward college students, has purchased Youth Media & Marketing Networks (Y2M). Y2M owns College Publisher, which provides Web-based publishing and content management software geared toward online student newspapers. It counts approximately 450 colleges among its clients
Source: CNET

BGSU is one of those clients. As you might know by reading this blog, I have been involved with since it launched in 1997. We have never really switched service providers. They always get bought out by someone else.

No, seriously. We have been with four different companies, and they all get purchased by someone else. We just made the switch from New Digital Group to College Publisher. This was a huge move, from a PHP SMARTY based setup to, once again, a ColdFusion based environment.

I have yet to hear anything from College Publisher on this, so I am guessing none of the partner schools were told about the deal. I just hope we do not have to go through the same type of change. Moving from New Digital to College Publisher was hell.

I would imagine that MTVU will not be throwing out the CMS, only bolstering advertising, and of course adding *great* things like social networking and music downloads to the site.

Whatever. I am just glad that College Publisher rolled out an iTunes podcast syndication tool this summer, this makes creating the iTunes RSS feed a snap.

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