Two Demos on XBLM Today

I am curious about Just Cause. It is a good thing there is demo, or it might just fly under my radar. I think others feel the same way.

The big new demo is a Test Drive Unlimited demo #2. From the press release:

The new demo gives players a sample of online and offline play on 40 miles of open roads on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Players will find prime real estate, three cars – the Ferrari F430, Ford Mustang GT Coupe and AC 289 – and one motorbike, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R.

The Test Drive Unlimited demo offers various challenges, including four offline challenges and two online challenges, allowing up to eight players to race simultaneously. In addition, gamers can launch instant challenges against anyone they encounter on the road, or just burn gallons of virtual gasoline tearing around the lush tropical roads in free ride. Other demo enhancements include gear changes, customizable speed blur effects, optional in-car camera vibrations, fully operational vsync, and handling refinements.

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