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September 1, 2006

Enchanted Arms Dialog

There are too many quotables so far, even though I have spent less than a half hour with the game. I mean OMFG RFLMAO funny. There is a fine line between metro and strait out gay, and these guys are gay.

September 3, 2006

New Forza 2 Trailer

Have you seen the new trailer yet? Check it out after the break. My guess is that this trailer is all in-game, with replay cameras and actual game footage shown with no HUD. There are a lot of things that say "in-game footage."

I can't tell you how excited I am about this game. Well, I could, but then you would call me a sick and deranged human being. Forza for the Xbox was one of my favorite games for that system, a game that I still play.

You could click "continue reading" to see the Flash video, or check out the HD footage on

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New Feature on Today's Cover

We (and by we, of course I mean I) are rolling out new features on We are now comfortably moved into the College Publisher system (albeit reluctantly) and now is a great time to introduce new things. Once I get all the new stuff online, I will have the paper write a nice feature about our web site!

Starting a couple weeks ago, when semester started, is the inclusion of "Today's Cover" posted at night, before the paper goes to press. This is a PDF of the front page, so that people up late can see the next day's front page. It is like a bonus for those who surf late.

The following day, that PDF is replaced with the full PDF of the paper, making it even easier to find the entire paper in PDF. I have effectively reduced finding the daily PDF archive to zero clicks.

Be sure to check it out, it is under the main navigation in the left column.

Dead Rising Secrets

The guys at have put together a video showcasing ways to get PP and weapons in Dead Rising. We all know how important PP is (sorry, I couldn't resist). Hit the jump for the video.

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September 4, 2006

High-end PS3 shipping without HDMI cable

Sony can't seem to get any good news lately about the PlayStation 3. Joystiq is now reporting that there will be no HDMI cable in that $600 box. Read the FAQ for yourself (why the hell do they have to put this shit together in Flash?).

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin Killed

BRISBANE, Australia -- Steve Irwin, the hugely popular Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the "Crocodile Hunter," was killed Monday by a stingray during a diving expedition. He was 44.
Source: The Washington Post

Oddly, he will be most remembered for dangling his month old child in front of a 13-foot crocodile. He cheated fate so many times, and seemingly provoked the wild animals on his shows. It's a wonder he lived as long as he did. Sad statement I know, but it is true.

September 6, 2006

Dead Rising Flash Map

What a great map this is.

September 4, 2006 BCRadio Podcast

This week I talk about the East Coast Gaming Expo, and Saints Row, which I just reviewed.

Chuck just got back to me with the info I needed to write about the ECGXpo, but you can read other articles by Aaron on Blogcritics.

Sony delays European PlayStation 3 launch to March 2007

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sony Corp. said on Wednesday it would delay the European launch of its PlayStation 3 (PS3) video game console by about four months to March and cut its target for shipments this year by half.
Source: Reuters UK

This gives the Xbox 360 a two Christmas lead in PAL regions, and a four month lead for the Wii across the pond too.

At the expense of my Brit friends, this gives me a little more hope that the PS3 launch in the US will not be so bad. Yea right! It is still going to be hard to find a unit at launch.

Why do I want to get a PS3 you ask? Well, I don't want it, but I need it for review materials at Blogcritics. If it was not for my job there, I seriously doubt I would spend the $600+ for it. I would rather put that money to better use, like purchasing every single launch title for the Wii.

Now we have many questions, of course. Will software developers regard November as a soft launch, and use the extra four months to polish their games? That is the first thing that comes to mind.


Special thanks to Andy for pointing this news out.

UPDATE: Joystiq is now reporting, via the International Harold Tribune, that the US will only get 400,000 units for launch, while Japan sees only 100,000. Those numbers just don't seem right. You would think that the US would get the shaft here, not Japan.

September 7, 2006

Dead Rising 60,000 Kills Walkthrough

Dead Rising is such a great game! YouTube walkthrough.

PS3 Cures Boredom, Cancer

This was first brought to my attention when some Montreal paper's weekend edition ran an inside teaser head, "Could the PS3 Cure Cancer?" Ha ha, I thought, hyperbole. But no, it's kinda true.

[H]ell, if your machine is going to burn energy when not in use, best to put that power suck toward a good cause, right? Stanford and Sony have announced that PlayStation 3s will be able to participate in Cure@PS3, making gamers' consoles massively parallelized computing nodes for the Folding@Home project.

September 8, 2006

This is Waiting (dot com)

As funny as a Fark or SA Photoshop event, here is When will we see good news about the PlayStation 3? We have seen months of bad news, topped off by the delay until May 2007 in Europe.

Two Thee Must Have PSP Games

I know, I know, the PSP doesn't have enough software. It has, like, three good games. It is such a horrible console, I wonder how it hasn't died yet.

Now, if you could not understand the sarcasm in that, there is no help for you.

For those who don't know, I love my PSP. I use it to its fullest. Lately, I have bought a Korean and Japanese game that you should give a try if you are a fan of the music/rythum genre. And frankly, who isn't?

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September 9, 2006

X2GO Logo, Temp Site

The company logo, and temporary site is live. I feel it was pretty amazing to get a four letter domain name (no, not those four letters, goof ball). Someone was squatting on it of course, but it didn't cost a lot to nab it for the company.

The logo is now final, and so the corporate identity is almost complete as well. I am really happy with how the logo turned out. I will be posting the versions that did not make the cut.


I can't wait to see that thing up on the store front, on t-shirts, and everywhere else. We may change the logo color for different aspects of the business, as it has been suggested, such as: blue for water sports, brown for mountain biking, green for hiking, grey for rock climbing, etc…

We shall see. Anyways, I have a new email too, ken at x2go dot com. Nice and short. The Network Solutions webmail application for my business email is pretty sweet as well. I will have to post a screen shot of that.

September 10, 2006 Forums

The university must have sold their email list again, because on 8/31 I got a spam about some new forum, I finally went to check it out. I am sad to say it looks like a "me too" site based on the very successful Were-Here.

They have a section for "Computer Talk" and have Windows and Linux, but nothing for Mac OS. So I don't think I will be spending much time there.

So, why am I giving these forums the time of day? Well, the more forums the better. So good luck to DevNerds.

Good News from College Publisher and mtvU

Yea, good news! That was the subject of an email I got on 8/28. Let me kindly remind you that mtvU bought out Y2M (College Publisher) on August 3. Nice work keeping your clients in the know guys.

What follows is the dry email, but it does contain some good info of what we can expect soon on

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Sony VAIO UX Micro PC

I want this. This is my next uber-geek gadget. I need to live up to my "Spoiled Little Bitch" name that Jake has bestowed upon me, after all.

Lets do a quick recap:

  • Intel Core Solo CPU
  • 4.5-inch wide SVGA screen
  • integrated keyboard
  • stylus and touch launcher
  • toggle between wireless WWAN, LAN and Bluetooth
  • two built-in cameras (VoIP, still pictures)
  • VGA adapter for projector
  • biometrics fingerprint sensor
  • hard drive shock protection
  • three 2.0 USB ports, Ethernet, VGA, FireWire, AV output
  • docking station
This costs $1,800 and will be available in July. Don't call it a UMPC, because it runs Windows XP Pro.

Bit Calculator

Convert between bits/ bytes/ kilobits/ kilobytes/ megabits/ megabytes/ gigabits/ gigabytes. Now this is a nice calculator. starts video download service (before Apple) launched a digital video downloading service Thursday, ending months of speculation that the Internet retailer would be getting into the online TV and movie business.
Source: BusinessWeek

The service, dubbed Amazon Unbox, (how original) has been launched just days before the Sept. 12 Apple "It's Showtime" event where the entire planet Earth thinks Apple will release a true video iPod and their own video download service.

TV shows will cost $1.99 per episode, and most movies will go for $7.99 to $14.99; movies can also be rented for $3.99.
The Amazon service will allow viewing on two devices, and be crippled for Mac users as it uses Windows Media Player, which implies (of course) WMP DRM.

Some Google Humor

1. Go to Google.
2. Type in "Failure." (with or without quotes)
3. Click "I'm Feeling Lucky."

September 11, 2006

Falcons claim triple-OT win

The chants of "no punt" rang throughout the bleachers at Doyt L. Perry Stadium as the BG special teams unit had another rough week of football.

The Falcons prevailed 48-40 in the end. The offense and defense both played well, but they had to pick up the slack from some faulty special teams play. No one pointed fingers though.

Source: The BG News

Also check out the slide show at the bottom of the article. That is also one of the new features on That is a really nice and easy to use Flash app.

Ben Heckendorn's Xbox 360 laptop: best mod ever?

Every so often a mod comes along that's so intricate, so amazing, so over the top, that words simply don't do it justice (but we'll try anyway). Ben Heckendorn's Xbox 360 laptop is one such mod.
Source: Engadget

Indeed, I am speechless. That thing rocks!

September 12, 2006

Mario Hoops 3 on 3

GolinHarris always comes up with great packaging ideas for Nintendo products. This time with a mini hoop for Mario Hoops 3 on 3 (which is a lot of fun, by the way).

September 14, 2006

Nintendo Wii hits Nov. 19th for $250

Nuff said.

September 15, 2006

Test Drive Unlimited Arrived Today

Today I received a nice care package from Atari. It has a copy of Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360, but came with some unexpected stuff too.

A DVD containing the five videos on Xbox Live Marketplace, as well as high resolution WMV files of the walkthrough videos. The video content was embargoed until today, but where would Blogcritics find the bandwidth for that? I don't think those will go online.

Even more suprising, the Prima strategy guide for the game, was included. While this does include a lot of useful info, including stats for every vehicle in the game, I don't think it was required. But it sure was nice of them.

The two demos of TDU didn't do it justice. The lighting model is fixed (something I did not like in the demos) and the game is much better in the full version. I guess it is really hard to depict a MMO "CarPG" in a demo.

Full review soon. But my first few hours of play have been great.

September 16, 2006

Spamhaus fined $11.7 million; won't pay a dime

"As spamming is illegal in the United Kingdom, an Illinois court ordering a British organization to stop blocking incoming Illinois spam in Britain goes contrary to U.K. law which orders all spammers to cease sending spam in the first place."
Source: Ars Technica

A little long and convoluted, but funny as hell. Thanks Njiska for the link.

Top 1% Gamerscore on

I had lost this distinction/badge a while back after having it for about a week. Once more people found the site, I dropped off. Well, the past week, I decided to get my "Elite Score Whore" badge back. As such, after over a thousand points, I got it right back. It's bad enough the achievements are addictive, and now these bastards decided to add "badges" to the mix. That's just what I needed.

On a side note, I no longer have the Call of Duty complete badge since it no longer exists. Not sure why they deleted badges.

September 22, 2006

Matt's Manberries

What is the first thing that one takes a picture of with the new Xbox Live Vision Camera?

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Test Drive Unlimited Photos

Right now you can only upload photos to in the game, you cannot retrieve them yet. On the message boards, there are instructions on how to get the images from the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Here is an image I took in the game. I was lucky enough to have my Atari PR contact email it to me. The community site, which will have the ability to download the photos you took in the game, is not complete. At this point the photos do get uploaded to the TDU servers, that is how I got the image below.

I was not given a date as to when the community site would be complete, only that the European Atari team is working on it now.

WARNING: The full sized image is 1280x736.

An Organ Donor is One Thing...

... but this is something else entirely. I know this is a serious issue and some kind of breakthrough, but seriously?

If you're not brave enough to click on it, a guy recieved the first ever penis transplant. Yes, it was replaced... and later his wife wanted it removed because she had, uh, "emotional issues" with it.

This story raises what has to be a record number of questions, thoughts, and general jokes that are horribly insensitive. The "part" was taken from a 22-year old brain dead man. What if he wakes up tomorrow?

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September 23, 2006

TMX Elmo Demo

If the PS3 wasn't going to cause enough parking lot muggings, we also have the tenth anniversary edition of Tickle Me Elmo, known as TMX. We had 40 in on day one and they were gone in an hour. They're hitting $100 on eBay already and we're not even close to Christmas yet (retail is $40). A current auction has a Buy it Now of $300. There's a YouTube video showing what these hideous little things do, though they don't show what happens when you open the box (it laughs too).

Leno Headlines

We really need a YouTube category around here*.

Anyway, I watch the Tonight Show for one reason: Headlines. This is priceless stuff from America's most lacking editors and advertisers, and wouldn't you know it. Someone put two clips of the best up on YouTube.

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September 24, 2006

Mac game makers disappointed by iPod shut-out

Many long-time Mac game developers figured it was inevitable that Apple would one day add premium games to its iPod music player. But when that day finally came earlier this month, many of those same game developers were left wishing they could be a part of it.
Source: MacCentral

Good job Apple! You are (yet again) alienating your loyal developer base. Give Aspyr and other mac devs like Pangea an SDK and maybe your iPod games thing will fly.

September 25, 2006

Jack Thompson Uses More People For His Own Gain in Lawsuit

Wow. Jack Thompson, our good 'ol lawyer buddy who is sure to post here at some point in the next few days insulting us without making a valid point, has filed another wrongful death lawsuit. This time, it's in New Mexico. This video gives the general perspective from Thompson's completely asinine accusation against Rockstar and Sony. The problem?

After looking for information during the past half hour, I can't find a single piece of evidence linking video games to the murders.

In fact, the reasons are generally horrid abuse, including being branded with a flaming hot welding rod before he finally snapped. His parents went through a tough divorce when he was only three, fought through a custody battle for eight long years, and there was even more abuse brought up by the defense team during his trial. Never once were video games mentioned, at least not in the trial or the media that I've found. If there's any link, I can't imagine how the games could even remotely be considered a cause in the face of the other things in the kid's life. Way to go Jack. You got your face on TV. That's all you'll get too.

September 26, 2006

NBA Live 07 ESPN Integration

Today I received NBA 2K7, and will be getting NBA Live 07 soon, so will be able to write an Xbox 360 head-to-head on the two big names in basketball.

After the break you will find the information on the ESPN integration from the EA press release. It is absolutely unreal what they have done (finally) with the ESPN license they (sadly) bought from 2K Sports.

I only played one game in NBA 2K7 this morning, and it is immediately obvious that the game play has been tweaked. Nothing spectacular mind you, but things feel better. There was only one charging call (a problem with the series) and the new Isomotion moves are great.

I just can't wait to see all this ESPN content in NBA Live 07.

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NHL 2K7 Ice

I don't like hockey games, I never have. But I do like to see what realism developers can bring to any game based on life.

I thought the ice in NHL 2K6 looked good. 2K Sports outdid themselves yet again, the ice in NHL 2K7 is even better.

Free Hugs

A sure sign of the world coming to an apocalypse, Free Hugs. was a simple idea. It's one of those "feel good" videos, so you've been warned. The problem here is someone wanted it stopped. Apparently, giving people hugs is a problem. 10,000 signatures later, things were back to normal apparently. Neat video!

And yes, that's a YouTube link. Again. The fifth time this week. I should be writing a Lego Star Wars II review, but the inevitable link to the site kept me there for over an hour at this point.

September 27, 2006

Still 'Kent' believe it - BGSU loses to KSU

The world mourns for the BGSU Falcon football team. There are certain things that do not happen, and one of them is that BGSU does not lose to Kent State.

If BGSU football had one game in which they had to prove something this season, it was this week's game with Kent State.

Unfortunately they proved very little. A 38-3 loss to the Golden Flashes has the Falcons reeling and searching for answers with little time to find them.

Source: The BG News

The Great Server Crash of 2006

Last week was a FUBAR. That is the only way to describe it. Without going into detail, and boring the hell out of all you, our file server crashed -- hard.

I had to replace the internal drive that had the operating system. I also had to use DiskWarrior to resurrect the main firewire drive. The only way to salvage data off of one of the other external drives was Data Rescue II (DiskWarrior could not even help me with that one.

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White Knight Story TGS '06 Trailer

Is this next gen enough for you? Holy hell does that look nice.

Is New 'Core' PS3 Any Better?

The 'cheap' PS3 now has HDMI. But is it any better? It has no Wi-Fi, and no media card reader. But that is fine for most people, but what about that 20 GB hard drive?

The Xbox 360's "20 GB" drive is really 13 GB. That console has been out a year, and that size is already showing to be too small. Way. Too. Small.

So I cannot stress enough the importance, as like the Xbox 360 launch, of avoiding the cheaper version.

September 28, 2006

Oblivion Heads to PS3, PSP

Yes, the rumors are true: Oblivion is heading to PlayStation 3, and an upcoming cover story in Official PlayStation Magazine has the exclusive first look.
Source: 1UP

As much as I hate the magazine, especially the design, I cannot wait for my next Official PlayStation Magazine to arrive.

Of course they had to add new content, and that is a new faction called Knights of the Nine.

I will have no problem at all playing through this again on the PS3, and PSP. I look forward to doing a head-to-head between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

Sonic Demo Is Craptastic

If Sonic creator, Yuji Naka, knew that this is where SEGA wanted Sonic to go, it's no wonder he left the company. The Sonic demo, if you haven't played it yet, is bad. Really bad. Believe me, I am a Sonic fan. I write for 360 Fanboy it's true, but I am a SEGA fanboy at heart. Thus, it hurts me even more to tell you that the demo is just not very good. It's not unplayable, but parts of it are close.
Source: Xbox 360 Fanboy

Its not just me.

Lets not be kind. The new Sonic demo that came out today is just shit. The camera is horrible, the cheap deaths are at an all time high, did I mention the camera is horrible? It makes the game unplayable, period.

Matt agrees with me, Jason agrees with me, Andy agrees with me (this has to be a first). Rob, on the other had -- the largest SEGA fanatic you will likely meet -- sees no problem with the camera.

My hope is that this is an old demo. The camera should not feel like it has "weight" to it when you try and swing it around. It makes it impossible to see enemies shooting at you. The camera also makes it quite hard to hit a number of the enemies in the demo.

I am not even going to go into the cheap deaths. They are really bad.

Oh, and for some reason, Sonic now skates as much as the players in NBA Live 95, while on grass. When you turn, Sonic skates! He used to slide, and this is normal behavior for a hedgehog, but skating? No.

September 29, 2006

Horse Armor 2.0

Bethesda has been outdone by Volition with this new "Funky Fresh Pack" for Saints Row. Costing 100 MSP, you get:

Fake Tuxedo Shirt
Short Sleeve Tropical Shirt
Spiked Leather Jacket
Leopard Skin Underwear
Tiger Stripes Underwear
Leather Chaps
Crazy Bunny Slippers

Samurai Helmet
Eye Patch
Skull Ring
Row Medallion
Saints Row Wrist Band

Full Spikes
Curly Gent Mustache
Ladies Man Mustache
Split Goatee
Sharp Edge Mutton


This is just as bad as the horse armor in Oblivion, and should be free.

September 30, 2006

Video Game Addiction Show

A three part video from Gamepolitics from a British TV station. The first part is simply hysterical. "I'm powerless to stop him!" Gee, that power cord coming from the wall wouldnt be a solution now would it? And then the mother who has a kid that screams when he stops. She blames the games, and then says shed rather have the quiet so she let's him keep playing. At least it's not only Americans who are this stupid when it comes to parenting.

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