An Organ Donor is One Thing...

... but this is something else entirely. I know this is a serious issue and some kind of breakthrough, but seriously?

If you're not brave enough to click on it, a guy recieved the first ever penis transplant. Yes, it was replaced... and later his wife wanted it removed because she had, uh, "emotional issues" with it.

This story raises what has to be a record number of questions, thoughts, and general jokes that are horribly insensitive. The "part" was taken from a 22-year old brain dead man. What if he wakes up tomorrow?

And how does this conversation go exactly? "Hey, uh, we kinda need your kids penis for an experiement. Think he would mind if we, you know, took it off?" How many doors does this open up for plastic surgeouns? "Hey doc, I heard about this black guy that died yesterday. Think you could, well, get it for me?"

I mean, if you need a liver, you could go to a relative or close friend and it would go something like "Hey man, they need to remove my liver. Mind if I take some of yours to save me?" In this case, that conversation is something else entirely. "Hey, my wife isn't really happy with the current situation. Can I have some of yours?"

Of course, the wife of this poor guy plays a huge role too. If I go through the process of getting a new one, you're damn right I'm using it. This guy pulled a John Wayne Bobbitt and popped the thing back off because his wife didn't quite accept it. The divorce papers are on the table the next day.

UPDATE: Jay Leno just put the perfect cap to this story on the Tonight Show. Do you know what the medical term is for this transplant? Addadicktomy.

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The "part" was taken from a 22-year old brain dead man. What if he wakes up tomorrow?

I'm not quite sure if this is a serious question, but he won't wake up. I guess that's an American thing to ask, though, like with Terri Schiavo. However, if you've been braindead for a certain amount of time, your brain is irreparably damaged. If you would wake up again (and really, you won't), you'd be a zombie without a working brain (well... that's pretty much what these people are either way, except they don't get the shuffle around the mall). There's a difference between being in a coma and being braindead.

They don't remove organs from peole who are merely in a coma.

Wow, LKM, that was not a serious question, but thanks for all the over-analyzing commentary ;)


Hey, with Americans, you just never know :-)

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