Enchanted Arms Dialog

There are too many quotables so far, even though I have spent less than a half hour with the game. I mean OMFG RFLMAO funny. There is a fine line between metro and strait out gay, and these guys are gay.

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Quick! Someone tell JohnnyRock!

Oh come on now guys there's no need to keep at a secert anymore. Just out yourselves. Come on, Ken, Matt, we all know you're the Lenny and Carl of blogging and that's cool. Just remember to keep a pack of wipes handy.

If that happens, I'll surely be Carl.

Matt, I feel it quite sad that you would publicly have to make that distinction, and that you actually responded to him. *shakes head in shame*

But to be quite honest, I think you fit the profile of Lenny better :P

I can't beleive you two are actually trying to figure out who is who.


They can both be Lenny. Njiska is Carl.

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