Jack Thompson Uses More People For His Own Gain in Lawsuit

Wow. Jack Thompson, our good 'ol lawyer buddy who is sure to post here at some point in the next few days insulting us without making a valid point, has filed another wrongful death lawsuit. This time, it's in New Mexico. This video gives the general perspective from Thompson's completely asinine accusation against Rockstar and Sony. The problem?

After looking for information during the past half hour, I can't find a single piece of evidence linking video games to the murders.

In fact, the reasons are generally horrid abuse, including being branded with a flaming hot welding rod before he finally snapped. His parents went through a tough divorce when he was only three, fought through a custody battle for eight long years, and there was even more abuse brought up by the defense team during his trial. Never once were video games mentioned, at least not in the trial or the media that I've found. If there's any link, I can't imagine how the games could even remotely be considered a cause in the face of the other things in the kid's life. Way to go Jack. You got your face on TV. That's all you'll get too.

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