NBA Live 07 ESPN Integration

Today I received NBA 2K7, and will be getting NBA Live 07 soon, so will be able to write an Xbox 360 head-to-head on the two big names in basketball.

After the break you will find the information on the ESPN integration from the EA press release. It is absolutely unreal what they have done (finally) with the ESPN license they (sadly) bought from 2K Sports.

I only played one game in NBA 2K7 this morning, and it is immediately obvious that the game play has been tweaked. Nothing spectacular mind you, but things feel better. There was only one charging call (a problem with the series) and the new Isomotion moves are great.

I just can't wait to see all this ESPN content in NBA Live 07.

This year NBA LIVE 07 introduces ESPN Motion and streaming ESPN radio podcasts delivered right to your console in game through a ground-breaking new ESPN integration package available on the Xbox 360™ and PlayStation®3 consoles. Fans connected online will be able to watch NBA game highlights, segments from Pardon the Interruption or Around the Horn, interviews and analysis from SportsCenter, and more. Fans will also be able to download and listen to ESPN radio podcasts as they play NBA LIVE 07, including segments from Dan Patrick, Mike & Mike, Stephen A. Smith and others. All this is in addition to live ESPN Radio SportsCenter updates every 20 minutes, the ESPN Ticker and ESPN News.

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