Sonic Demo Is Craptastic

If Sonic creator, Yuji Naka, knew that this is where SEGA wanted Sonic to go, it's no wonder he left the company. The Sonic demo, if you haven't played it yet, is bad. Really bad. Believe me, I am a Sonic fan. I write for 360 Fanboy it's true, but I am a SEGA fanboy at heart. Thus, it hurts me even more to tell you that the demo is just not very good. It's not unplayable, but parts of it are close.
Source: Xbox 360 Fanboy

Its not just me.

Lets not be kind. The new Sonic demo that came out today is just shit. The camera is horrible, the cheap deaths are at an all time high, did I mention the camera is horrible? It makes the game unplayable, period.

Matt agrees with me, Jason agrees with me, Andy agrees with me (this has to be a first). Rob, on the other had -- the largest SEGA fanatic you will likely meet -- sees no problem with the camera.

My hope is that this is an old demo. The camera should not feel like it has "weight" to it when you try and swing it around. It makes it impossible to see enemies shooting at you. The camera also makes it quite hard to hit a number of the enemies in the demo.

I am not even going to go into the cheap deaths. They are really bad.

Oh, and for some reason, Sonic now skates as much as the players in NBA Live 95, while on grass. When you turn, Sonic skates! He used to slide, and this is normal behavior for a hedgehog, but skating? No.

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Big surprise. There is not a single good 3D Sonic game. No, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Adventure 2 are not good games. They are mediocre. And they're the best Sega can do. Sonic sucked on Sega's own 3D console, what makes anyone think it would not suck on the 360?

Want a new Sonic game? Hope Sega makes a sequel to the DS Sonic.

Well, taking Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast as the watermark, there is no reason Sonic on the 360 should be any worse than that.

Well, taking Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast as the watermark, there is no reason Sonic on the 360 should be any worse than that.

Except that the mediocre Dreamcast Sonic was the best Sega could do, and they've been going downhill ever since.

I've lost all hope for a good 3D Sonic.

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