Test Drive Unlimited Arrived Today

Today I received a nice care package from Atari. It has a copy of Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360, but came with some unexpected stuff too.

A DVD containing the five videos on Xbox Live Marketplace, as well as high resolution WMV files of the walkthrough videos. The video content was embargoed until today, but where would Blogcritics find the bandwidth for that? I don't think those will go online.

Even more suprising, the Prima strategy guide for the game, was included. While this does include a lot of useful info, including stats for every vehicle in the game, I don't think it was required. But it sure was nice of them.

The two demos of TDU didn't do it justice. The lighting model is fixed (something I did not like in the demos) and the game is much better in the full version. I guess it is really hard to depict a MMO "CarPG" in a demo.

Full review soon. But my first few hours of play have been great.

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