Test Drive Unlimited Photos

Right now you can only upload photos to TDU.com in the game, you cannot retrieve them yet. On the TDU.com message boards, there are instructions on how to get the images from the Xbox 360 hard drive.

Here is an image I took in the game. I was lucky enough to have my Atari PR contact email it to me. The community site, which will have the ability to download the photos you took in the game, is not complete. At this point the photos do get uploaded to the TDU servers, that is how I got the image below.

I was not given a date as to when the community site would be complete, only that the European Atari team is working on it now.

WARNING: The full sized image is 1280x736.

Comments (3)

SG Wolf:

Were on the site is the instructions located and can u plz e mail me when the site has up dated where i can just get my pics?

SG Wolf:

my email is sg_wolf_222@yahoo.com

Go to the TDU.com forums. And no, I cannot email you. Did you read the first paragraph? Go there.

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