X2GO Logo, Temp Site

The company logo, and temporary site is live. I feel it was pretty amazing to get a four letter domain name (no, not those four letters, goof ball). Someone was squatting on it of course, but it didn't cost a lot to nab it for the company.

The logo is now final, and so the corporate identity is almost complete as well. I am really happy with how the logo turned out. I will be posting the versions that did not make the cut.


I can't wait to see that thing up on the store front, on t-shirts, and everywhere else. We may change the logo color for different aspects of the business, as it has been suggested, such as: blue for water sports, brown for mountain biking, green for hiking, grey for rock climbing, etc…

We shall see. Anyways, I have a new email too, ken at x2go dot com. Nice and short. The Network Solutions webmail application for my business email is pretty sweet as well. I will have to post a screen shot of that.

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That logo freakin' rocks. The arrow in the G is great.

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