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October 3, 2006

Google and Yahoo News Love

You may or may not know that Blogcritics is an official news source for both Google News and Yahoo News. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that 'Nintendo Wii' is a hot search term right now. My article only hit #3 using Yahoo, but is #1 using Google (at the moment).

So what is the lesson in all of this? Chose your headlines wisely.


Pay for Achievement Points

Now where did I put my checkbook...?

The least they could do is toss in a few PS3 Entitlements at no extra charge.

October 13, 2006

It Snowed Yesterday! And Other Stuff

When your father notices you have not updated your blog in a while... there is a problem. So this update is for you, dad.

I have been quite busy with many different things. But I am not here to get into all that. And of course when I went to post today, I found out that I had no privileges to the MT CGI scripts. For some unknown reason (spam hitting the CGIs).

Yesterday it snowed in BG! Sure, not unusual for snow in North West Ohio in October, but its the beginning of the month!

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Judge OKs Bully

Earlier this week, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson heralded "a historic ruling" to members of the press in a complaint he filed against Take-Two Interactive over its upcoming PlayStation 2 game Bully. Judge Ronald Friedman ordered Take-Two to provide a copy of the game so that he could review it behind closed doors on Thursday and see what all the fuss was about himself...

"There's nothing in the game that you wouldn't see on TV every night," Friedman is quoted as saying. The judge added he wouldn't want his kids to play the game, "but that shouldn't mean that the game won't ship."

Source: GameSpot

Is it just me, or is nothing going Jack's way these days. Will someone please send him some flowers?

In case there was any doubt, I will be getting Bully, hopefully by Tuesday. I can't wait to be a bully in Bully. It's gonna turn me into a mean person, or something.

October 14, 2006

PS3 Online: How It Works

Eurogamer, who I always enjoy reading, has a great feature on the PlayStation 3's online network. Check it out.

October 16, 2006

Clubhouse Games

Does anyone have Clubhouse Games? If so, add me:

4510 5261 8798

First impressions? Finding people online is easy. Tons of fun games. Clubhouse Games FTW!

EA Asks Money For Cheat Codes

Major Nelson is reporting of some premium content for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, which doesn't even ship until the 17th.

Unlock Golfer – 200 points
Pro Shop – 300 points
Maxed out Player – 200 points
Sunday Tiger– 240 points
Unlock Courses – 200 points

You get these things by playing the game. Do I have to repeat myself? You get these things by playing the game.

Microtransations have officially gone too far. Yes, this is even lower than 160 MS Points for a video about throwing a ball in Madden NFL 07.

October 17, 2006

Tiger Woods 07 Compaired

I don't have time to write a full comparison, but here are some opening bullet points. These are basically mental notes that I will use for future articles. You can be sure Matt and I will be covering Tiger 07 in detail in the coming weeks.

Today I played Tiger 07 for the PS2. I have not played a PS2 game in some time, so maybe I am a bit jaded, but my god was that a steaming pile of crap! It is amazing what we were used to dealing with before the Xbox 360.

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GP2X Sells 30,000 Units

GameSpot is running a Q&A with Craig Rothwell, Director of GP32/2x Distribution. It is a real shame that the GP2X has not seen more mainstream press.

This is great news for the GP2X community and GamePark Holdings. More people should buy a GP2X, I say.

October 18, 2006

Lumines Live! Not Really Live

It seems that the stress of bringing Xbox Live back online after over a day of being down has been causing major problems.

I cannot download anything, even though Major Nelson is reporting that Live is back online.

Some people are online and playing Lumines Live! and that is great. But there are a fair share who are not.

They should have just said that Live would be out for 36 hours, or something like that. Then I would not mind. It is 11:35 AM EST when I am writing this, and I have been trying since 8:30 AM.

I can connect and see my friends list (not many people online, usually only one) and even listen to a voice mail and friend request a friend just sent me last night.

I just cannot access anything on Xbox Live Marketplace. No big deal, I have work to go to. I just hope all is resolved when I return this evening.

I understand you are all working very hard (and want to thank the Xbox Live team). It compounds issues exponentially because Lumines Live! is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, release on XBLA so far.

School Bans Tag

Dear god. Hell is on Earth, and it's coming in the form of stupid people.

October 19, 2006

Miz Says Microtransactions Are The Future

Umm... bull shit! IGN interviewed Mizuguchi on Lumines Live! and his answers are nothing short of degrading to gamers. Here is a very insightful answer:

IGN: What do you think people's reactions are going to be when they see the core game -- and all these additional packs? Are you worried that people will feel they're getting charged too much? Or that they're going to complain that all these packs should be put into one game?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: (Long pause.)

Konami Gets ITG, WWE Sues THQ

Man, if you don't like alphabet soup, this blog post is not for you!

Today saw some surprising news in the video game biz. Konami now owns Into The Groove. Since Konami owns the ITG IP, will they kill it?

In even bigger news, the WWE has sued THQ. SEC filings show that THQ has sold WWE games in Japan/Asia. This is apparently a bad thing.

THQ will fight grapple the suit. The WWE franchise is a major part of the THQ bottom line, this could turn out very much badly.

October 20, 2006

Hootie Interview

From notmtv.com. Big announcement in there too that Darius wants to retire in five years from live shows.

October 24, 2006

We Are Back, Sans Comments

Breaking Windows is back! Did it go down? Yea, no one could post for days because my host kindly killed MT. Why? Spammers hitting the comments.cgi, even though I rename it every few weeks to something like purple.cgi, or zasdfef4423.cgi. It doesn't matter what I rename it to.

So for the time being, there will be no comments at Breaking Windows. Sorry, but when faced with the question of no blog, or no comments, I will take no comments.

Lik-Sang.com Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits

Lik-Sang.com, the popular gaming retailer from Hong Kong, has today announced that it is forced to close down due to multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Sony claimed that Lik-Sang infringed its trade marks, copyright and registered design rights by selling Sony PSP consoles from Asia to European customers, and have recently obtained a judgment in the High Court of London (England) rendering Lik-Sang's sales of PSP consoles unlawful.
Source: Lik-Sang.com

So much for that partnership I setup for Blogcritics!

I found this out when I got up today because Matt emailed me, and I got an email of my order being canceled. I was in line (in the front of the line too) to purchase a Japanese Wii. So much for that.

But this is major news, I did not think the lawsuits by Sony would topple Lik-Sang. I wonder how Play-Asia feels right now about selling Sony products?

No matter how this plays out in the press, it is going to be a major black eye for Sony, as many, many people used Lik-Sang to buy games. What a sad day.

And it doesn't matter if Sony has every right to defend itself. Right now, that is besides the point. As if Sony needed to give people another reason to hate them, well, here is another reason.

EA Selling Fake Money For Real Money On XBLM

Strolling by Major Nelson's site today I noticed this. EA is selling more cheats on Xbox Live Marketplace, this time for The Godfather.

Only one item, the favors mission pack, is really legit. The MobFace Apparel Bundle is free, but the rest will cost you an arm and a leg.

There is no level 4 weapon in the game, so that is also a legit upgrade, too - it is just overkill. What is the point? I have the level 3 weapons and I do just fine.

Hired Assassin (250 Points) gives you a crew member that seems to be better than what is available in the game right now (as he will cost you $10,000, and the crew member I can hire right now only costs me $5,000). But again, what is the need? The level 4 crew member I hire does just fine.

But this one is baffling: In-Game Money - $50K/$100K/$250K. That will cost you 40, 75, and 150 Points for in-game money. I am at the point in the game where I rake in at least 80K a week from all the business I own in New York. Rob every bank once a week, and you have no problem getting $250K "the old fashion way."

So now we have a new low on Marketplace. EA is selling fake money for real money.

Read it strait from the horses (severed) mouth.

What Stays In Vegas... Can't Be Played In Vegas

For some reason, the new Rainbow Six: Vegas demo is not available in North America. This is yet another reason to setup a Japanese or European Xbox Live Account (it doesn't cost you a penny).

And I highly recommend you grab the demo. The smoke and the blur do not look terribly good, but I am to assume that this demo was created many months ago.

The game plays good, and the controls feel great. Is it worth setting up a Japanese account for? Yep.

UPDATE: Circumvent region lockout from the Xboxic Wiki.

Sony denies responsibility for closure of Lik-Sang

Accuses retailer of "sour grapes"

In a statement issued to GamesIndustry.biz, Sony has denied any responsibility for the closure of Lik-Sang - accusing the online retailer of "sour grapes".

Source: GamesIndustry.biz

Didn't see this one coming (joke). Lik-Sang's rage filled press release and prior statements on last week's court rulings were sure to catch the ire of Sony. But it can be hard to separate business from emotions when something like this happens.

October 26, 2006

Tiger Woods 07 Tiger Challenge

I think it should be known that I am much farther than Matt in Tiger Woods 07. This simply does not happen. It is akin to Matt playing over 100 hours in Oblivion, while I only have 20 in.

Oh, and the last three matches we have played on Live ended with me winning. I am waiting for a rematch, Matt.

Tonight I completed the Tiger Challenge, beating Tiger on his "Dream 18" course. This was not easy by any means, I beat him just as I beat the opponent before him, in double sudden death.

I have no reached "Legend" status with all my attributes maxed at 100% plus those stupid stat bonuses they put on clothing and such.

This did not unlock Sunday Tiger, however, so I am not sure what does. They had better not stripped it out of this version only to make you buy it for an outrageous 240 Microsoft Points.

Some other stats: 8 Trophy Balls obtained, and 1 Eagle Trophy Ball obtained (so far). And thank god there are no random people yelling "I love this game" on almost every hole (See: Tiger 07 on Xbox)

October 29, 2006

A "Conversation" With Anti-Violent Game Guy

A while back, I reviewed a book called Parents are Being Played Like a Video Game. I figured I knew what to expect as I've read pretty much every book on the subject, both positive and negative. This was by far the most baffling I've read, filled with innacuracies, wild accusations, and conflicting opinions. As such, I shredded the book in the review.

Well, the author took exception to that, posted a comment, I replied, he replied, and he continues to do so. Each time, it becomes more bizzare than the last. Half the time, I have NO idea where he's coming up with this stuff. Oddly enough, without debunking anything me and Ken have wrote, he still insists he's completely in the right. Click on the book title and scroll down to see the path of destruction.

Play All Those Blue Bottom PS2 Games

As amazing as it may sound, my launch day PS2 is still in full swing. It was fine until a few months back, the dreaded DRE showed up on blue bottom (CD-ROM) discs and started giving me trouble. This week, it finally said enough and stopped playing them entirely. Of course, this was also the week of EB's B2G1 free sale, and the three games I bought are all blue bottom.

That led me to Google, and this glorious link. It works. Your PS2 may not look exactly like that (that's a later model in the pics), but the solution is a perfect fix. Now, back to Riiiiiidge Racer! Sorry. I had to.

October 30, 2006

UMD Movies Not Dead

So says the SVP of Sony's marketing team. There's a great quote about the selection of UMD movies in there:

We didn’t really talk to the studios well enough to tell them who the PSP consumer was and what type of content they might be interested in. On Golden Pond doesn’t make a lot of sense on PSP.

Neither did the price point, but that didn't stop you from trying to sell them at $25 a piece, now did it?

Gamerspacelive: MySpace for Gamers

Closely linked with the superb Intothegame.com that I plug at least once a week, Gamerspacelive is just what the title says. Look at this way. If you're going to be stalked by a pedophile, at least he'll be a gamer, possibly one that enjoyed Bully a little too much.

I played around with it tonight and set up a quick profile. It's a basic interface, not that much different from MySpace. Some nice features, though nothing revolutionary. It's small and cozy for now which is definitely a plus compared to the other sites like it.

October 31, 2006

God of War II God of Noise Contest

Sequels are nothing unusual to most gamers, but Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., is throwing something new into the mix with the release of God of War II.

A battle of the bands titled God of Noise will be held for an upcoming game.

Until November 8, undiscovered musicians have the opportunity to submit a song of their own for judging. The winning band or musicians will get to see their song in the upcoming God of War II, set to be release early 2007 for the Playstation 2.

The competition consists of three stages, with each designed to narrow down the choices into a top ten. The top ten will then be voted by fans and the band with the highest number of votes will have their song feature in God of War II.

Band and musicians can read the official rules and enter the contest through MySpace.com, a well-known blogging and networking website. The site also features video clips , screenshots and concept art for God of War II.

"All Song submissions will be judged on the following criteria: originality 40%; musical compatibility with the feel/tone of the game 30%; creative use of game score samples 30%," according to Sony's contest rules.

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