EA Selling Fake Money For Real Money On XBLM

Strolling by Major Nelson's site today I noticed this. EA is selling more cheats on Xbox Live Marketplace, this time for The Godfather.

Only one item, the favors mission pack, is really legit. The MobFace Apparel Bundle is free, but the rest will cost you an arm and a leg.

There is no level 4 weapon in the game, so that is also a legit upgrade, too - it is just overkill. What is the point? I have the level 3 weapons and I do just fine.

Hired Assassin (250 Points) gives you a crew member that seems to be better than what is available in the game right now (as he will cost you $10,000, and the crew member I can hire right now only costs me $5,000). But again, what is the need? The level 4 crew member I hire does just fine.

But this one is baffling: In-Game Money - $50K/$100K/$250K. That will cost you 40, 75, and 150 Points for in-game money. I am at the point in the game where I rake in at least 80K a week from all the business I own in New York. Rob every bank once a week, and you have no problem getting $250K "the old fashion way."

So now we have a new low on Marketplace. EA is selling fake money for real money.

Read it strait from the horses (severed) mouth.

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