It Snowed Yesterday! And Other Stuff

When your father notices you have not updated your blog in a while... there is a problem. So this update is for you, dad.

I have been quite busy with many different things. But I am not here to get into all that. And of course when I went to post today, I found out that I had no privileges to the MT CGI scripts. For some unknown reason (spam hitting the CGIs).

Yesterday it snowed in BG! Sure, not unusual for snow in North West Ohio in October, but its the beginning of the month!

In other news, one of our student production managers decided to (accidentally) delete the O and P archive from our advertisers database. Thats a lot of artwork and InDesign files gone.

Of course we just got done with that server hard drive failure fiasco and my boss had not ordered new backup drives for me yet... so we had some data loss. Not good. Not much I can do when I don't have a hard drive to back files up to.

In better news, I got Mercury Meltdown this morning from Reverb. In a related note, Reverb Communications has quickly become my favorite PR firms, because they provided me with a preview build of Guitar Hero II one month before the game ships to retail.

I will be recording a podcast segment today for Blogcritics with a preview of Guitar Hero II, which I have been playing every day for over a week now. Be sure to listen to the podcast when it gets published Monday, I will have a link.

Although Matt hasn't posted about it yet, that lucky SOB got to interview Christy Hemme (Playboy April 2005, TNA Wrestling) for the Toledo Free Press. He also scored some tix for a PPV event in Pontiac, MI. You will have to watch his BC RSS feed for those articles.

We recently added another blogger to Breaking Windows, but more importantly another gaming writer for Blogcritics - Kristen Schweitzer. Hopefully we will have an "About" page up for her soon, and possibly see some contributions from her as well.

We are going to need all the help we can get with the upcoming launch of the PlayStation 3 and Wii. Microsoft is going to have some heavy hitters on the Xbox 360 too. It is gonna get dicy come mid-November.

Matt and I just picked up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 on the PSP. We both love it. Best one yet for the system.

Also in the bad news category - Entourage decided to take a shit and corrupt its wonderfully proprietary database. It could not recover. I lost a lot of email. But in the end I can only blame myself, as it had been a couple months since I had backed up my Microsoft User Data folder. But I hate Entourage all the same.

Microsoft put the Phantasy Star Universe beta on XBLM. I created a character, started the tutorial, and it promptly froze my 360 - even the Dashboard. So they have proven one thing at least, it is still beta software.

I think that's it for random bits of information. I just have been too swamped to post what I have wanted to. I have a folder of bookmarks, hopefully I will get to it soon.

Oh, two more things. Homecoming football game this weekend against Eastern Michigan. We need a win after being pounded by OSU. But more importantly, we have the BG News tailgate tent before the game! Paul's chilly, and a keg of beer. 'Nuf said.

I got an email from a long lost friend. I got to know Alisha Karabinus when I was a very new Gaming Editor over at Blogcritics (about a year ago). She lost her job, and subsequently vanished from BC. I got an email from her the other day about that new witch hunting game from SNK (the one that borders on Hentai).

Alisha found a new job, she got a gig as co-lead ad DS/Wii Fanboy. So congrats to her! We chatted for a few hours in IM today and it was great to catch up.

So there is an update on my crazy life. I gotta go play Mercury Meltdown now. I really enjoyed the first game, and the demo of Meltdown was quite good.

Comments (2)

Dude... your parents read this??? Oh god.

Uh, uh, I really meant Ken was a really nice boy when I said he eats children. He's never done that... though there is that smell coming from his attic...

And uh, when I said he tried to kill me with a Peruvian fighting frog after badmouthing his Mac, it was really just a poison dart frog.

And he's wonderful person and general all around nice guy.

On weekdays.

When he's sober.

Oh you are a riot. Yes, AFAIK, my dad and aunt Lois read my blog. Though I am sure other family members do too, I know my brother stops by from time to time.

Just remember the next time you badmouth my Mac - I have the power to send games you want to other people to review. MUA HA HA.

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