Judge OKs Bully

Earlier this week, Florida lawyer Jack Thompson heralded "a historic ruling" to members of the press in a complaint he filed against Take-Two Interactive over its upcoming PlayStation 2 game Bully. Judge Ronald Friedman ordered Take-Two to provide a copy of the game so that he could review it behind closed doors on Thursday and see what all the fuss was about himself...

"There's nothing in the game that you wouldn't see on TV every night," Friedman is quoted as saying. The judge added he wouldn't want his kids to play the game, "but that shouldn't mean that the game won't ship."

Source: GameSpot

Is it just me, or is nothing going Jack's way these days. Will someone please send him some flowers?

In case there was any doubt, I will be getting Bully, hopefully by Tuesday. I can't wait to be a bully in Bully. It's gonna turn me into a mean person, or something.

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This one is huge. There was some nervousness if the judge actually believed Jack, but thankfully the play proved him otherwise. His statement on Gamepolitics is hysterical. He went from Columbine sim to "incresed number of slingshot injuries in ER's across the nation."

Yeah, sure Jack.

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