Lumines Live! Not Really Live

It seems that the stress of bringing Xbox Live back online after over a day of being down has been causing major problems.

I cannot download anything, even though Major Nelson is reporting that Live is back online.

Some people are online and playing Lumines Live! and that is great. But there are a fair share who are not.

They should have just said that Live would be out for 36 hours, or something like that. Then I would not mind. It is 11:35 AM EST when I am writing this, and I have been trying since 8:30 AM.

I can connect and see my friends list (not many people online, usually only one) and even listen to a voice mail and friend request a friend just sent me last night.

I just cannot access anything on Xbox Live Marketplace. No big deal, I have work to go to. I just hope all is resolved when I return this evening.

I understand you are all working very hard (and want to thank the Xbox Live team). It compounds issues exponentially because Lumines Live! is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, release on XBLA so far.

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You know, every time I think I'm finally breaking down, Microsoft manages to fuck it up again. Lumines? Sweetness! Let me just run to the nearest store and get an Xbox! Well, maybe I'll check out Kotaku before I go... What? Screw you, Microsoft!

Indeed, they fucked it up. Check out our Lumines Live! review on Blogcritics LKM, Jason did a great job.

In short, you get only ONE VS CPU match, and FIVE Mission, FIVE Puzzle. There are 18 mission and 40 puzzle levels in the game. They are just greyed out and mocking you.

There will be an Advance Pack for 600 MS Points. That is the only one they have told us about. After playing the game, there will also be a Mission/Puzzle Pack, and a Vs CPU Pack, thanks to some nice in-game advertising screens.

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