Miz Says Microtransactions Are The Future

Umm... bull shit! IGN interviewed Mizuguchi on Lumines Live! and his answers are nothing short of degrading to gamers. Here is a very insightful answer:

IGN: What do you think people's reactions are going to be when they see the core game -- and all these additional packs? Are you worried that people will feel they're getting charged too much? Or that they're going to complain that all these packs should be put into one game?

Tetsuya Mizuguchi: (Long pause.)

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His comparison to CD/downloadable songs is absurd. I'm not going to buy the levels I like in Lumines like I'd buy the specific songs off an album. I'm just going to leave his whole gum story alone too. That made no sense.

The bigger issue is the marketing of it. You have this game tied to the most expensive Arcade game to date, and I can't blame someone for thinking they're getting a full game at that price.

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