Tiger Woods 07 Compaired

I don't have time to write a full comparison, but here are some opening bullet points. These are basically mental notes that I will use for future articles. You can be sure Matt and I will be covering Tiger 07 in detail in the coming weeks.

Today I played Tiger 07 for the PS2. I have not played a PS2 game in some time, so maybe I am a bit jaded, but my god was that a steaming pile of crap! It is amazing what we were used to dealing with before the Xbox 360.

It is not in progressive scan, so the textures, and specifically the text, looks horrible. The courses are all washed out color/texture wise. It looks like they have a low fog on them.

In contrast the PSP version has bright and vibrant textures. The close up of the trees might look crappy on the PSP, but at least the text is crisp and the greens and fairways look like greens and fairways - not pea soup!

The Xbox version gives us 480p, which helps, but just slightly. The text is still a major eyesore, but the color is a little better overall.

I still prefer the saturated courses in the PSP version, however.

I do not have the full 360 version yet. Only the demo. This looks amazing. The shadows don't seem to pop as much as in last year's version on the 360. The new HUD is wonderful, and they finally took out all those absolutely useless camera angles that still plague the PSP and PS2/Xbox versions of Tiger 07.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Xbox 360 version.

The HUD for the PSP version looks sharp. The HUD on the PS2/Xbox version reminds me of someone's first day in Photoshop with the bevel filter - it is a bit much.

Even with all the information on screen, the PSP version does not look cluttered. This is not the case on PS2/Xbox. It is likely due to the clunky graphics used this year.

The Xbox 360 version's HUD trumps all, however, with a radically streamlined interface that is very pleasing to look out. It gets rid of all the clutter on screen that are in the other versions.

Apart from the muddy graphics on the PS2, the feature set is the same on both the PS2 and Xbox. The PSP is a standout this year because of infrastructure play, and the new mini game Shooting Gallery.

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