Tiger Woods 07 Tiger Challenge

I think it should be known that I am much farther than Matt in Tiger Woods 07. This simply does not happen. It is akin to Matt playing over 100 hours in Oblivion, while I only have 20 in.

Oh, and the last three matches we have played on Live ended with me winning. I am waiting for a rematch, Matt.

Tonight I completed the Tiger Challenge, beating Tiger on his "Dream 18" course. This was not easy by any means, I beat him just as I beat the opponent before him, in double sudden death.

I have no reached "Legend" status with all my attributes maxed at 100% plus those stupid stat bonuses they put on clothing and such.

This did not unlock Sunday Tiger, however, so I am not sure what does. They had better not stripped it out of this version only to make you buy it for an outrageous 240 Microsoft Points.

Some other stats: 8 Trophy Balls obtained, and 1 Eagle Trophy Ball obtained (so far). And thank god there are no random people yelling "I love this game" on almost every hole (See: Tiger 07 on Xbox)

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