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November 4, 2006

Out of Touch With Reality

Ask any of my close friends, especially ones I play games with on Xbox Live, and they will likely tell you that I am out of touch with reality.

Well, I really can't dispute that. Case in point: I thought for sure that it was Sunday night. I went to the newsroom and only two people were there. So I asked, "awfully quiet, don't you have a paper due in a few hours?"

No, this is Saturday. I was so sure this was Sunday night. My days are becoming blurred. That is out of touch with reality I am.

Of course this means I have an entire extra day to get work done. For that, I will do a happy dance!

Need for Speed Carbon Has Broken Online Play

Big surprise here, I know. Another EA game that has screwed up online play.

This sort of reminde me of Tiger Woods 06. Serious let down EA, really, nice job. The two cop chase modes sounds really great. Now I would like to try them out.

Every time I try and create a match it tells me it cannot, and to try again later.

I hope they fix this soon.

It is also worth noting that the PC users of Carbon are complaining about the same issues.

Why doesn't EA just use Microsoft servers for their games, like everyone else. Microsoft has proven time and time again that they can run servers for online games. And EA has proven time and time again that they cannot.

Here is a quote from an EA Mod "Carbon 13"

We have found a bug in our server software that we've patched this evening. Hopefully that will solve the instability issues. It's worth noting that we are seeing a huge number of players online with 360, quite a few more than we predicted, so we're working hard to keep up with the demand. Apologies for the inconvenience.
So let me get this strait, since you did not expect 360 owners to pick up Carbon (after the wildly successfully Most Wanted) you did not allocate enough servers for people to use the system?

I am beginning to understand why almost every EA game for the 360 has severe lag, or has problems creating online matches.

At least in Tiger Woods 07 you can play a full round of golf, after you look at an annoying flashing "Chose Character/Loading Lobby" screen for 20 minutes.

I will try to play online in Carbon again tonight, and let you know how that goes.

Dennis McCauley Talks Bully

In his "The Political Game" column this week, Dennis talks about Bully. It is a good read, be sure and check it out.

Also be sure and read Jason's full review of Bully.

Yes, I meant to post this when it was written on October 20, but I am just now filtering through stuff.

November 5, 2006

Need for Speed Carbon Online Works, Sorta

One out of four. I have been able to finish one out of four online matches tonight.

I get disconnected the rest of the time, with this:

You have lost your connection to your current game and possibly to EA Nation as well.
Press START to return to the Main Menu

Hey, at least we have progress. I will play a few more games tonigh, and see if I can complete any more of them.

UPDATE: I got through one more race! Of course the one after than froze my entire Xbox 360. This is not good.

November 6, 2006

My Gamerscore Tops 10K

It only took 11 months, and 77 games (!!) but I have past 10,000 Gamerscore Points. Now, I am not the Gamerscore whore like Matt (he is close to 30K right now), but 10K is a milestone.

Does the Gamerscore work? Yes, it does, I don't think there is any question about that. Achievements give you more reasons to play your games. Beyond artificially lengthening the game, it really squeezes more out of your $60 purchase. That is a very good thing.

November 7, 2006

My Gamerscore Tops 30K

Mines bigger than Kens. That is all.

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November 10, 2006

Gears of War

Long before I write a review, which will be extremely difficult to do, I need to get this out there:

Gears of War is one of the best games ever made. Period.

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November 12, 2006

PS3 Availability in Bowling Green

Bowling Green is not big. If it were not for the college, it would just be another farm town. The estimated July 2005 population sits at 29,793. That's small potatoes.

Console launches are never fun here. There is Meijer, and Wal-Mart. Those are the only stores that we have now with a dedicated video game section (we had a Sam Goody, but they went the way of the dodo). There is 2 Play and C & C Games, but they won't be getting any PS3s at launch.

There is a GameStop going in next to Wal-Mart, but that won't happen until after the PS3 and Wii launch.

Wal-Mart told me they will have 10 units. It is a Super Wal-Mart, so it is open 24 hrs. I suspect getting there by Thursday at 8 AM will be the bare minimum to get a unite on Day 1.

Meijer can't even tell me how many they will get. "One or Two" was the best I could get, and that was a guess. This is not a surprise. They got four Xbox 360s at launch, and six PS2s when it launched.

There isn't going to be a snowball's chance in hell of picking up a PS3 on Day 1 in Bowling Green.

November 14, 2006

Guitar Hero II Arrives


RedOctane sent us a nice preview build with 24 songs a month before the launch, but our retail copy got lost in the mail, apparently USPS.

An overnight UPS shipment made it to my apartment this morning though!

What was the first thing I did? Unlocked Trogdor of course! Let me tell you, this is one hard some to play!

Now, did you go out and buy Guitar Hero II yet? I would have, but... you know... they gave it to me.

Well, actually Aaron gets it, he has been pining to review this thing.

November 15, 2006

PSP Fanboy Picks Up My PSP Holiday Article

Thanks in no small part to my article hitting Digg (I can only assume), PSP Fanboy ran a blog post about my comparison of the holiday lineup of the DS and PSP.

Best of all, it is attributed as BC Gaming, which I like the sound of very much. I hope this creates a few more repeat readers for BC.

They even go as far as calling me a "DS Fanboy."

Reverse psychology FTW!

PlayStation 3 Box Size Comparison

Lets see, how can I say this without getting slammed by Google?


For those of you who just need to see it, hit the jump.

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Wii component cables online now, in stores Dec 5

Perrin Kaplan lied to us, again. Post at Joystiq.

First she lied about the Wii being region free. Total bull shit. Then she said component cables would be available at retail stores for launch. Total bull shit.

How does she keep her job? Keep in mind she is Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for NOA.

Now, if this is anything like the GameCube component cables fiasco, you better order yours right now. This very minute. Because in two months or less you will have to look on eBay to have a chance of getting them.

My question here is this: The console launches on Sunday, why wait until today to put these cables on the Nintendo Store? Why not last week. That would have made sense.

Lame to not include them in the box. Lame to put them online as late as today.

Order Total: $45.31

Thanks Nintendo, your console costs $295.

November 17, 2006

Interviewed by The Advertiser

One of Ken's buddies interviewed me for the paper he writes for on the PS3 launch. Aside from sounding like an idiot when I said kids would use their gift cards for a PS3 after Christmas (I meant kids have some extra cash and could use them on another game console in their price range), it went fine.

November 19, 2006

Zune install screen raises eyebrows

You decide what this image is. Pain, singing, or …orgasm? Newsvine has the story.

I Don't Have My Wii Component Cable Yet

I ordered a Wii Component Cable on November 15. I did not get it by Friday, and doubt I will have it come Monday.

The confirmation email for the purchase said I would get a second email. I have not gotten that email.

It is no secret that watching standard definition TV on an HDTV looks like crap. Many people have reported that playing the Wii on an HDTV with only composite also looks like crap.

Big surprise there.

That doesn't make me want to play the Wii without component cables, much less review them for Blogcritics! Why couldn't Nintendo at least made the port on the Wii the same as the one on the GameCube - this is an upgraded 'Cube after all.

Nintendo, you have lost major points for not including a component cable in the box. Of course Sony is in the same boat with you.

Even people with EDTVs benefit here, and if you have bought a 4:3 set in recent history, your TV likely has component jacks.

November 20, 2006

PS3 Launch: The Game

ps3launch.jpgMatt tells me this is courtesy CheapAssGamer. If you have been reading of the myriad shootings, and other forms of violence attached to this year's PS3 launch, drawing a line to Dead Rising is not far off!

Great spoof. Kudos to whoever created it.

Best Buy Thins HD-DVD/Blu-Ray

Interesting article on the format war. Why pull the discs when two of the cheapest players (360 and PS3) hit the stores in the past few weeks?

November 23, 2006

Interview with a PS3 Camper

When we started PS3 pre-orders, I snagged a small interview with some of the kids waiting outside our store. That interview turned into a story for the Free Press. If you ever wanted to know what these people (like Ken) are thinking, this is a pretty good indicator.

November 26, 2006

Mac Spoof Commercial

Hey look! I'm posting about one of them Mac things! Okay, it's a commerical that seems to have been around for a while, but still. Oh, and I'm just throwing this one out there without comment. Otherwise, it will end up with some uncalled for Wii joke.

November 28, 2006

Wii Are Rather Amused, Actually

Has anyone posted about Wii Have A Problem yet? If so ignore me, I have fallen out of the loop here; if not, it's a site devoted to Wiimote accidents, mostly involving the strap breaking and the controller flying into somebody's TV or cat or grandma. The name alone is just, pardon my pun, smashingly brilliant.

So I've already suggested to Ken that he sell the domain name "" to Nintendo so they can use it to extol the virtues of their new console...

November 29, 2006

CNN Anchor Busts New Set

This is one from the oops department. Not sure what exactly he thought would happen, but you probably shouldn't demonstrate new golf gear on a brand new set. Really. Bad. Idea.

PS3 v. 360 Comparison From 1UP

Matt and I tested many cross platform games yesterday. So this feature on 1UP is no surprise to me.

I got even more cross platform titles today. The biggest difference is with Ridge Racer 6 and Ridge Racer 7, although this is to be expected, as it is actually a different game, not just a port to a different platform.

Suffice it to say that every game that is on the 360 and PS3 are the same. They are even output in 720p on the PS3, so the resolution isn't even different.

Take note with the video and screen grabs from 1UP the gamma of the PS3 versions of the games. Every single comparison shows lighter gamma on the PS3.

Matt and I noticed this as well. But we just chalked it up to using HDMI. But it seems we are not the only ones, as these screens and video show the PS3 to be lighter.

Sadly, in NBA 2K7 and Madden NFL 07, this equates to a "foggy" video. My Samsung HDTV has a great feature to fix this, but it should not have to.

Since 1UP captures are so light (too light if you ask me) I will contact Sony and the other developers to inquire further on this.

November 30, 2006

Don't Download Texas Hold 'Em Patch

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE TEXAS HOLD 'EM PATCH. Do not start the game. Check MN's site to see the problems with it. It's deleting bankrolls and high scores... IN OTHER GAMES. People have their Lumines scores wiped clean after downloading.
Matt sent me this via Xbox Live today.

As one commenter put it:

This week's Arcade Wednesday title was a patch to fix Texas Hold 'Em.
Next week's Arcade Wednesday title will be a pactch to fix the patch for Texas Hold 'Em.

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