I Don't Have My Wii Component Cable Yet

I ordered a Wii Component Cable on November 15. I did not get it by Friday, and doubt I will have it come Monday.

The confirmation email for the purchase said I would get a second email. I have not gotten that email.

It is no secret that watching standard definition TV on an HDTV looks like crap. Many people have reported that playing the Wii on an HDTV with only composite also looks like crap.

Big surprise there.

That doesn't make me want to play the Wii without component cables, much less review them for Blogcritics! Why couldn't Nintendo at least made the port on the Wii the same as the one on the GameCube - this is an upgraded 'Cube after all.

Nintendo, you have lost major points for not including a component cable in the box. Of course Sony is in the same boat with you.

Even people with EDTVs benefit here, and if you have bought a 4:3 set in recent history, your TV likely has component jacks.

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