Need for Speed Carbon Has Broken Online Play

Big surprise here, I know. Another EA game that has screwed up online play.

This sort of reminde me of Tiger Woods 06. Serious let down EA, really, nice job. The two cop chase modes sounds really great. Now I would like to try them out.

Every time I try and create a match it tells me it cannot, and to try again later.

I hope they fix this soon.

It is also worth noting that the PC users of Carbon are complaining about the same issues.

Why doesn't EA just use Microsoft servers for their games, like everyone else. Microsoft has proven time and time again that they can run servers for online games. And EA has proven time and time again that they cannot.

Here is a quote from an EA Mod "Carbon 13"

We have found a bug in our server software that we've patched this evening. Hopefully that will solve the instability issues. It's worth noting that we are seeing a huge number of players online with 360, quite a few more than we predicted, so we're working hard to keep up with the demand. Apologies for the inconvenience.
So let me get this strait, since you did not expect 360 owners to pick up Carbon (after the wildly successfully Most Wanted) you did not allocate enough servers for people to use the system?

I am beginning to understand why almost every EA game for the 360 has severe lag, or has problems creating online matches.

At least in Tiger Woods 07 you can play a full round of golf, after you look at an annoying flashing "Chose Character/Loading Lobby" screen for 20 minutes.

I will try to play online in Carbon again tonight, and let you know how that goes.

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xTAKENx [TypeKey Profile Page]:

yeah me n my boyfriend have had problems connecting to ea nation! it f*$#ing freezes every time we try to connect to any type of race online. we have to restart our xbox too. we even bought a new game cause we thought it mite have been that. its bullsh*t we should get it for free they should do someting about this. im not paying good money for a sh*t connection!!!!!
We should complain to ea. tell them they suck arse!!!!

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