Wii component cables online now, in stores Dec 5

Perrin Kaplan lied to us, again. Post at Joystiq.

First she lied about the Wii being region free. Total bull shit. Then she said component cables would be available at retail stores for launch. Total bull shit.

How does she keep her job? Keep in mind she is Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Affairs for NOA.

Now, if this is anything like the GameCube component cables fiasco, you better order yours right now. This very minute. Because in two months or less you will have to look on eBay to have a chance of getting them.

My question here is this: The console launches on Sunday, why wait until today to put these cables on the Nintendo Store? Why not last week. That would have made sense.

Lame to not include them in the box. Lame to put them online as late as today.

Order Total: $45.31

Thanks Nintendo, your console costs $295.

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