Another One Bites the Dust

He shoots, and the game locks up completely!

That's the scenario when your kina/sorta close to launch day Xbox 360 decides it doesn't like working anymore. Mine is gone without warning as I kept getting an odd checker board-like pattern on my screen before it quit completely. I though it was Viva Pinata, but then it died during Blitz the League and Rainbow Six. Called support, tried their troubleshooting (it locked up without the hard drive too), and it's going back.

This all of course happens the day before a new Arcade release, the new gameplay-filled Halo 3 trailer, and the day I get Viva Pinata. Surprise, surprise. Of course this couldn't happen during the summer when nothing new is coming. Ah well, thanks for your help woman whose name wasn't Jean becuase you were obviously in Win Pon Puu, China. Texas, here comes another one that one of your customers have to pay shipping on!

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