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You may have noticed, but BC Magazine just went through a major site redesign. We just launched a new section, too, called Tastes.

In even bigger news, BC Gaming is one year old now! Our gaming channel was launched at the end of November, 2005. I am still finding Gaming articles tucked away in the archives of Culture too!

That means I have been the Gaming Editor for a year, too. And let me tell you, it is a lot of work! I don't get to write as much any more, which is a real bummer. But I get to work with a lot of cool people though. And they usually send us stuff to review, even better!

I am really amazed how far BC Gaming has come in a year, considering a year ago we were getting zero review products. We get a lot now, for all platforms, PC, Mac, and casual games too. And gaming gadgets, we have got some good gadgets too.

So thanks to all the public relations folks who I have had the pleasure of working with. Hopefully the next year will see even more review materials for BC Gaming, as there are always more writers than there is product to go around.

On a personal note, I just passed 300 articles on Blogcritics (visit my Writer Page). Of course Paprocki is closing in on 1,000, the rat bastard (he is at 912 right now). But then he sits at home all day playing games and watching movies :P

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