Each Wii Game has its own Friend Code

If Pokemon Battle Revolution is any sign of what is to come, every online Wii game will have a 12 digit friend code, just like Wi-Fi games on the DS. Both 4 Color Rebellion and IGN have info on Pokemon Battle Revolution.

So, the Wii has 16 digits, and then the games have 12 digits each? That is worse than the DS.

Why has Nintendo ignored all the complaining about the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection? Friend codes on the DS do not work. It boils down to a very small percentage of people going online and playing.

There is no DS game that has a lobby system, and it sounds like Pokemon Battle Revolution has no lobby system either. I said this a week ago, I doubt we will see one Wii game with a true lobby system.

People will simply not play the Wii online because it is too much of a hassle to do so. My Wii has a nickname field. Could someone tell me why it has a nickname field, if it is not used for anything?

Even Sony has a better online network on the PS3, even with some games, like Resistance, requiring a separate Friends List - at least it uses names on not 12 digit codes.

Let us not forget, the Wii also has no way of exchanging codes in the operating system software, you have to do that in real life. The PS3 and 360 both have a very easy method of sending friend invites.

They are not making online gaming easy for the non-gamer demographic that they are trying to appeal to. Nintendo apparently does not care about online gaming, that much is clear to me.

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