Setting Up System Selector Pro

Ahhh... now it is time to set this beast up! This was a major headache, let me tell you. Why? Because this was so much easier with two people.

STEP 1: Hook up all seven devices via component, three with optical.
STEP 2: Fish all the component leads to the back of stand.
STEP 3: Make sure it all works! Then, tidy up as best you can.

Sure, it doesn't look great, but I can't do anything with all those wires in the back. See the images after the break. I can now switch between all seven devices, and have another on the front if need be. You will notice my 5.1 headphones sitting there next to my TV. Those are now plugged into the switch box now, so I can listen to 5.1 on my PS3, 360, and DVD.

Why didn't they include optical on the Wii?

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