Twilight Princess on the Wii

For the first two or three hours this game did not impress. The graphics were GameCube caliber, the story was the same Zelda story we have had for at least four iterations of the game.

Then all of a sudden you get knocked upside the head, and taken to this dark world, you turn into a wolf, and the game finally starts moving past a snails pace.

Then, it is five hours later and you are still playing the game. The controls feel great, although I am sure they would feel just fine mapped all to buttons on a Cube controller.

I need to play through the GameCube version of the game, but I am pretty sure the graphics could be done on it - although I am sure this is the most beautiful game on that system, taking every last ounce of processing power it has to render the world.

Oddly enough, since you transform into a wolf, and the game uses considerable amounts of bloom lighting, it is hard not to make comparisons to Okami. The are style isn't as out there as that game, but it is stylized for sure.

I am seeing graphical effects that I have not seen on the GameCube before, so they have made some effort to making this once GameCube-only title more in line with what other Wii titles offer. But it simply does not hold up to games like Excite Truck.

Why do all Zelda games start out this slow? It really is quite irritating. And when I say slow, I mean you are doing menial tasks for two to three hours until the game starts hitting on all cylinders.

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