Wii Web Browser Debuts

I'm going to avoid all the one-handed web browsing with your Wii jokes. Really. Okay, I'm not. You've never browsed the web with your Wii in your hand like this.

Seriously though, it plays YouTube videos. Someone apparently wants the small sliver of what I can almost call a "life" taken from me. Bastards. Ease of use is great, though I wish the navigation bar could go away. Text is easy to read regardless of your set up with a wonderful zoom feature. Typing is an obvious PITA.

Oh, and from the irony department, how about the ability to send messages over Xbox Live from your Wii? Yes, the PS3 can do it too, but navigation with the remote and the full keyboard are far better on the Wii. And for now this is all a freebie, or is it a WiiBii?

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