Yellow Dog Linux 5 for PS3

I tell ya, being Gaming Editor sure comes in handy a lot. I called up Terra Soft the other day asking for their PR department, and ended up talking to the CEO.

Unless you want to wait until January to download the ISO of Yellow Dog Linux 5 for PS3 (and exclusively for PS3 right now, they haven't even compiled it for Mac yet) you need to sign up for an Enhanced account on That costs $70, for an OS under GPL (Basic Enhanced cost $40 if you already have a basic account).

Some may have issues with paying for a free OS, but you do get six months of support with the purchase, and that is really what you are paying for.

I have used YDL 4 before, on my PowerBook, so it will be nice to see this new version.

In short, I will be writing a feature on YDL 5 on PS3 for Blogcritics. I just was given my Enhanced account today, and downloaded the ISO.

As part of the 1.30 firmware upgrade on the PS3, there is now a wonderful Backup Utility. This means no re-entering friends lists, and all that other fun stuff.

I plan on installing YDL tomorrow. This is Linux, so I foresee a bumpy ride.

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