A MapWii.com Friend Request has been made

I talked about MapWii.com earlier. Since I signed up, I actually got a request through the site. Now, please sit down before you read the rest of this, as it might be a little hard to take.

Steps to register [Wii Friend Code] as a Wii Friend:

1. From the Wii Message Board main menu, select the "Create Message" icon.
2. Select "Address Book" icon from the available options.
3. Select "Register" icon and press the A Button.
4. Click on the "Wii" button.
5. Click on "Enter a Wii Number.
6. Enter in this Wii Number: [Wii Friend Code].
7. Click "OK" twice.
8. Click "Apply nickname".
9. Enter in this Nickname: [Nickname] (Limited to 10 Characters)
10. Click "OK" twice.
11. Attach a Mii if desired, otherwise click "OK" three times.

HOLY HELL BATMAN! That is not for the squeamish at heart. Nintendo really dropped the ball on their online network for the Wii. This is atrocious.

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