Autopsy Finds Signs of Water Intoxication in Radio Contestant's Death

The radio station's contest, "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" was the cause of the death. Local ABC affiliate News10 has the story.

Details are sketchy at best right now. The coroner's report is not final, that will take months. But the "preliminary autopsy findings concluded a Rancho Cordova woman who competed in a radio station water-drinking contest before she was found dead Friday showed signs consistant with water intoxication, Sacramento County Coroner's Office authorities said Saturday."

It doesn't sound like the radio station had any medical staff available for the contest. It also appears that they did not do research on the hazards of drinking that much water in a short period of time. Many college fraternity "initiation" ceremonies end in death caused by water intoxication.

Strange, the 28 yr. old mother of three that died, signed a waiver. This might save the radio station in the end. Signing a waiver usually means there could be a health or safety risk, but I am sure a brand new hard-to-find Nintendo Wii was blinding the contestants to any risk - written in the waiver or otherwise.

This is going to get dragged through the mud though. It will take years in court, and the radio station will likely pay a settlement out of court.

Truly sad story. I feel for the family, especially her three children.

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