Game console can be porn gateway

Here is another clueless network affiliate out for ratings and attention. And its not even sweeps week! WFAA has an article on porn on the Wii and PS3 web browsers. Don't miss the video either!

There is one very good point in this piece, it is buried, and should be the lede of this piece. This could have even been turned into hard news, had the reporter gotten ahold of Nintendo.

This is just bad journalism, folks. When they go for the salacious story over the real problem, then I have a problem with your reporting skills.

This would be on par with the article on PSP porn or stalkers using Picto Chat, but it has one (buried) saving grace.

The Wii browser (which is not a finished product, never mentioned in the piece) does not have parental controls. The reporter is correct, there is no Cybernanny for the Wii, or PS3 for that matter.

But the bury that fact and go for the over the top quotes from a clueless parent, that is as bad as the above mentioned PSP and DS stories.

(Note to parent: until Nintendo does something, put the Wii browser on an SD card and keep out of reach of children. Or restrict use of the Internet Channel to a PIN in the Parental Controls section.)

Nintendo is usually pretty good with parental controls. Hopefully the final build of Opera will have something in it to prevent kinds to look at porn sites.

Wait until Nintendo *finally* releases Opera for the Wii in the U.S., and you will see this all over again.

Do you want my take on this situation? As you know I am not a parent, but I feel that if you cannot trust your kid to stay out of sites that he/she should not be visiting, then maybe that kid should not have that internet enabled device.

I do not believe in censoring applications like Cybernanny. Censoring is evil. If you teach your your children good behavior, and punish them when they misbehave, you do not have to resort to censoring.

I have another question. Didn't people realize that OMG!!1! all web sites could be accessed by the Wii and PS3 web browsers, you know, when they were announced?

Don't answer that.

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