'Hold your wee for a Wii' audio recording

DJ 1: "Can't you get water poisoning, and like... die."

Check it out, only 30 seconds into the clip. Then of course this is this wonderful sound bite:

DJ 1: "Maybe we should have researched this before."

DJ 2: If it gets dangerous for somebody, their body will automatically throw it up. And if you throw up the water, you are automatically out of the contest.

But this takes the cake at 1:00 into the recording:

Caller: "I want to say that, um, that those people that are drinking all that water can get sick and possibly die of water intoxication."
DJ 1: "Yeah, we're aware of that."
DJ 2: "They signed releases, so we're not responsible. It's OK."

YouTube after the break. I have to wonder when/if they pull this though.

Once the jury hears this recording, I don't see how they won't convict.

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