Neat Facts About Scion tC

The panorama moonroof has the same standard welding as a car with with a solid roof. The design exceeds federal roll-over requirements.

The rear seats recline from 25 to 45 degrees back. With headrests removed, both front seats recline to be even with the rear seats, creating a "social space." The rear seats also fold forward, flat with the cargo area.

The tC utilizes Toyota's first ever driver's knee airbag.

The tC braking system is virtually identical to that of the Celica GT-S.

The tC has more sound deadening material than anything built by Toyota that's not a Lexus.

Turn the key once in the drivers side door to unlock only that door, twice within three seconds will open all doors simultaneously.

The driver's seat has seat position memory for when you load rear passengers or cargo.

The headlights automatically turn off when the car is turned off and drivers side door is opened, and will automatically turn back on when the car is started. Oddly, this is only true for the driver's side door.

You have access to open/close the power windows after the car is turned off, but only if you DON'T open any doors.

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