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The BG News has a blog! They are only five years late! Yay!

I have been pushing The News to get blogging for years now. They are finally testing the waters. I hope that I am not the only one who contributes. So far, five staffers have access to the blog, other than me. Only time will tell.

It is powered by Word Press, which is something I like, even though I am much more at home in Movable Type. But hey, it wasn't in charge of which blog platform the College Publisher network uses.

The other new feature we (and by we, of course I mean I) added to the site is a co-branded video site featuring video from the AP.

Hit up The BG News' site and scroll past the navigation. You will see a rotating Flash clip with the top videos.

At first the site didn't work on a Mac, then it crapped out in Safari. I was not happy. I am quite happy the site now works on a Mac, and in Safari too. Check it out, because we make money off of it (and by we, I do not mean myself - sadly).

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