We have a Chipotle because?

So a Chipotle opened up within walking distance to my apartment. It has been there for a few months now. I decided to try it out.

This place is a Qdoba, which we have downtown. The rice is the same, the meat is the same, the beans are the same, hell, the different salsas are the same. What gives?

I mean how can a burrito from two different places taste exactly the same, even if they are chains?

I checked Wikipedia about this. They are both Denver, Colorado based chains - even more similarities! The Wikipedia entry listed this article that compares the two.

We ran a story about this back when Chipotle opened in The BG News.

Thanks but I will go to Qdoba. Faculty/Staff/Students at BGSU get a free drink.

Image Credit: Brandon Heiss/ The BG News

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