An Interview with Kellee Santiago on flOw

You know, when people don't use real names in interviews, it looks rather dumb. Of course I would not have posted this on the IGN blog either, but I guess they are trying to look "hip" and have some "street cred" -- whatever. But thats just my opinion.

Check out this informative interview on the upcoming PS3 game.

Kellee: We have only tapped about a fiftieth of the potential of the CELL for flOw. It’s definitely a different way of developing. The main processor isn’t as beefy as a modern PC’s processor, but the CELL has 7 SPUs! So, coming from PC development, you have to plan for the CELL very well in pre-production. You want to have an idea of the systems you’ll be running, and how best to split them up, so you are fully utilizing the PS3.

Like I was saying before, the great part about developing for a console in general versus PC is that it’s a stable platform. The difficult part is that each system has its own quirks. So you go through a period of figuring them out before you are really able to cook with gas.

"The main processor isn’t as beefy as a modern PC’s processor..." Thats a great quote there Sony. And to my knowledge, there is no one programming for the 7 SPEs yet. Is Sony even doing that?

My thoughts on this game: You can play it for free. This would not sell on Xbox Live Arcade, even with achievement points. Nintendo already did this, it is called Electroplankton. The only reason it will sell well on the PS3 Network is because of the utter lack of any software for the entire PS3 platform. If they try and shove this down our thoughts for $9.99 they are insane (well, okay, so they are already).

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