Blogcritics: Tastes and GlossLip

I am a little late on posting about our newest BC section, Tastes. It is all about food! And is led by our cigar and wine expert JJ.

Dawn Olsen (who along with Eric, throw one hell of a great BBQ) has a thing for writing about celebrity gossip. You can tell it is her passion. The BC Culture section has birthed yet another spin off (Gaming spun in 2005)

Right now GlossLip has two writers, but I am sure that will grow in no time.

Side Note: Dawn liked my reworked GlossLip logo so much that she has Phillip put my logo up on! I think it looks pretty good ;)

Now, the forums are not public yet, but we just announced them to the writers today. I have been creating the themes for the forums. The sections will have colored themes just like he main BC site. When I am done. You can see what I mean by looking at the Index and the GlossLip section.

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