I'm Late to the Last.fm Party

Wow, do I wish I joined Last.fm sooner. I signed up two days ago, and I love it. What is Last.fm? Its a social networking music site. It is Internet radio that is better than iTunes. It really is a rockin' service.

Check out my profile as well as the Blogcritics group page.

There are iTunes/iPod plugins for Mac and Windows, the Mac one seems to work just fine.

The site must use less bandwidth than iTunes, because it drops and has to re-buffer far less than iTunes. Sunday had a lot of hiccups, but I have to assume that the site sees a spike in traffic then.

You basically search for music to listen to, ay Pearl Jam. It then streams a radio station (no commercials or irritating DJ) with music like Pearl Jam. I only wish it played Pearl Jam more than often then it does.

But the "Artist Fan Radio" stations seem to play more of the target artist.

Simply wonderful service, I cannot recommend it enough. One final note - it's free.

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