Nintendo Hand-Held Child Molester Target - OMG!1!!

WITI-TV, MILWAUKEE -- Nintendo's DS hand-held gaming system was a hit during the holidays. However, it's also attracting some darker elements. FOX 6's Brad Hicks examines how your son and daughter could get caught up in the range of a child molester.
Source: MyFox Milwaukee

Oh this is rich, just go watch the video...

So what I got from this "report" was that parents don't read the instruction manual to the things they give their children, and this is all Nintendo's fault. Riiiiiiiiiight.

So WTF happened to the old adage "Don't talk to strangers," did parents stop teaching that to their children all of a sudden? From watching this video, it appears that the two girls were absent that day in common sense class.

The kid gave a total stranger -- a creepy reporter -- their street address. Now how about reporting on the fact that parents are absolutely clueless to what their kids are playing, and how they can be used.

That fact was painfully obvious of the two mothers used in this segment, yet MyFox Milwaukee isn't pushing for parents to wise up, they go for the alarmist angle -- one that has been done before, on Pictochat, before.

Wake up, this is the responsibility of the parents. Why not do a news segment focused on teaching parents about DS and PSP communication features, and drop the alarmist strategy, because it is getting old.

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